8/7 - 8/14

8/7 - 8/15

South Carolina
8/10 - 8/23

8/11 - 8/17

Texas Christian
8/11 - 8/22

8/13 - 8/21

Texas Tech
8/15 - 8/21

8/15 - 8/21

Ole Miss
8/15 - 8/22

8/16 - 8/24

University of Texas - Austin
8/16 - 8/23

8/16 - 8/22

Texas A&M College Station
8/21 - 8/29

2021 Recruitment Dates

Collegiate Recruitment Updates - Summer 2021

Dear Deltas,


I apologize for the delay in sharing information about recruitment this year.  You may or may not know that there is a lot of change going on right now with TriDelta regarding recruitment.  As a result, chapters are altering and adjusting their plans in the process, and information is slow to be shared and posted. 


Tri Delta Recruitment Changes at a glance:


New:  Third Party Referral form.  Third-party references can be composed by any adult figure in the PNM’s life, while Alumni references will continue to be submitted only by Tri Delta Alumni. Third-party references will not replace the current recommendation process, rather, they will supplement it to allow all potential new members the opportunity to submit a Reference letter regardless of connection to sorority alumna.


Reference:  Tri Delta did away with requiring every PNM have a reference several years ago, but this form is still highly encouraged to introduce a PNM to a chapter.  The form on has been made more user friendly, but the PDF form is also still accepted.  See the updates as they are posted.


Legacies:  In my opinion, this is the biggest and newest change.  Here is what the new Legacy Policy says:

Tri Delta’s Executive Board has unanimously voted to eliminate collegiate chapter legacy policies, effective July 31, 2021.   

For many of our sisters this comes as a welcome change, as chapter-level legacy policies have caused a great deal of confusion and have been a barrier to membership for some. And for many of our sisters, we understand that this decision may cause concern and disappointment as these are cherished relationships that we look forward to sharing with our family members. Below, we share the rationale behind this carefully considered decision and the culture shift it represents for Tri Delta. We also share that while legacies will no longer receive preferential treatment during recruitment, we will continue to celebrate these relationships once family members join our sisterhood.


The Reasons for the Decision 

One of Tri Delta’s guiding principles is that collegiate members have the responsibility and honor of making individual membership decisions for their chapters through formal recruitment and continuous open bidding processes. In the last decade, as a result of the tremendous growth Tri Delta and our sister organizations have experienced, it has become more difficult to ensure that legacies always have a place in a Tri Delta chapter. Across college campuses, the number of legacies has increased at a much faster rate than the number of available bids. In fact, in recent years, there have been chapters where there were not enough bids to welcome all of the Tri Delta legacies going through recruitment on certain campuses.  

Many changes have been made to legacy policies over the years to help address these challenges, including the elimination of a national legacy policy in 2012. This resulted in a wide range of collegiate chapter legacy policies that varied by chapter and over time. These policies have included everything from automatic bids to preferential treatment on bid lists and/or automatic invitations back to certain “rounds” of recruitment. Many chapters opted for no policy at all. In fact, in a recent survey of our collegiate chapters, we learned that less than 50% have a chapter-level legacy policy. The net result is that chapter-level policies have not alleviated the challenges related to legacies. Instead, they have resulted in a great deal of confusion and disappointment for potential new members and families of Tri Delta legacies. 


Texas Fall Recruitment Information:


Texas Christian University (TCU)- August 11-August 22


  • RIF:  filled out through, OR, PDF form completed and emailed to:  RIF, transcript, resume, two photos to be included.  Please list PNM’s name in the subject line.  

  • Letter of Support:  welcome but not required.  Please submit as instructed above.

  • Information deadline:  June 1.


Texas Tech University- August 15-August 21


  • RIF:  PDF form submitted to, with accompanying documents.

  • Letter of support:  limit 1.  Emailed as above.

  • Deadline:  July 25


University of Texas at Austin- August 16 – August 23


  • RIF:  submitted through, OR, PDF form and documents completed and submitted through

  • No letters of support.

  • Deadline:  July 1. 


Texas A&M University, College Station- August 21-August 29


  • RIF:  PDF form to with accompanying documents strongly recommended.  Also can be mailed to:  Bella Gage, 1503 Olympia Way, College Station , TX  77840

  • No letters of support.

  • Deadline:  August 1


Baylor and SMU Deferred Recruitment 

  • Details to follow at a later date

Out of State Fall Recruitment Information:


Auburn University- August 7 – August 14


RIF:  PDF form to, or submitted through

Letter of Support:  up to 2



University of Alabama- August 7- August 15


RIF:  PDF form to preferred, or through

Letters of Support:



University of South Carolina- August 10 – August 23


RIF:  PDF form and documents emailed to ,

or hard copy:  Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Russell House, Suite 115, Columbia, SC  29208

Letters of support:

Deadline:  by August 1.


University of Tennessee- August 11 August 17


RIF:  online through

Letters of support:  limit 2

Deadline:  by August 4, but the earlier the better.  


University of Arkansas – August 13 – August 21


RIF:  through, or mailed by hard copy to Jenna Davis, PO BOX 1129, Fayetteville, AR  72701

LOS:  up to two

Deadline: August 1 

University of Missouri – August 15 August 21


RIF:  PDF form and attachments to, or mailed to University of Missouri Tri Delta, 901 Richmond Ave, Columbia, MO  65201

Letters of support:



Ole Miss – August 15- August 22


RIF:  PDF form and additional documents emailed to, OR, mailed to DDD Ole Miss, Attn:  Reference Chairman, P.O.Box 607, Oxford, MS  38655

Letters of Support:  no more than 3.  

Deadline:  by August 1.  


University of Georgia- August 16 – August 24


RIF:  submitted through  or mailed with additional documents to:  DDD UGA, Attn:  Brittany Hodges, 1111 South Milledge Ave, Athens, GA  30606

Letters of Support:

Deadline:  August 9


University of Oklahoma – August 17 – August 22


RIF:  PDF file and documents to, or mailed to Theta Gamma Chapter, DDD

1611 College Ave, Norman, OK  73072

Letters of Support:  no limit.

Deadline:  August 1.


Lousiana State University (LSU) – August 19 – August 30


RIF:  PDF form and attachments to, OR, Tri Delta House, Attn:  Reference, 4070 Lakeshore Dr, Baton Rouge, LA  70808


Deadline:  by July 1.  


Please contact me for more information or with questions.  Thank you in advance for all your help!


Delaina Harrison

San Antonio Area Reference Chair