8/8 - 8/14

Oklahoma State

8/9 - 8/15


8/10 - 8/18


8/12 - 8/17


8/13 - 8/18


8/15 - 8/24

University of Arkansas

8/15 - 8/24


8/15 - 8/23

RIF Deadline: July 12

Texas Tech

8/16 - 8/22

RIF Deadline: August 1


8/16 - 8/24

RIF Deadline: August 1

Texas A&M

8/17 - 8/24

RIF Deadline: July 15

University of Texas

8/17 - 8/24

RIF Deadline: June 1

Ole Miss

8/29 - 9/6

RIF Deadline: August 1

2020 Recruitment Dates

Collegiate Recruitment Updates - Summer 2020

Dear Deltas,


Hope you all are enjoying our very different kind of spring…  As you may imagine, recruitment information is a little slow to gather from the colleges and universities, but the deadlines are firm and as of now, recruitment is scheduled as planned. 


Recommendation writing is in full swing and I just wanted to pass on some updated school recruitment information, dates, and deadlines. In case you are asked, a potential new member should register with San Antonio Panhellenic, as well as the school Panhellenic where she will be attending.  


University of Texas:  All RIF’s should be received by June 1.  RIF’s will only be accepted electronically.  They prefer that the attached fillable PDF reference form be used.  PDF form, pictures, resume, and transcript can then be scanned and emailed to  They have requested NO LETTERS OF SUPPORT again this year, especially because of all that’s going on and the fact that most girls are not on campus. 


Texas Tech:  They have requested all RIFs and Letters of support be received by July 15.  You may submit a RIF through the online reference form from Tri Delta that will go directly to the chapter, or you can send it all digitally to the reference chair:  Kenley Frazier at  Information and letters of support may also be mailed to the Tri Delta house at: 13 Greek Circle, Lubbock, Texas 79416.   


Texas A&M:  They have requested all RIFs be received by July 15.  Their preference is that all RIF’s be sent electronically to, or through the Tri Delta website.  They are accepting letters of support, as optional, no more than 2.


TCU:  NEW THIS YEAR…They would like all references and letters of support,(limit 3), emailed to  You should receive an email confirmation upon receipt.  They would like to receive everything by August 1.  The sooner the better. 


University of Oklahoma:  Rif’s and letters of support can be mailed to:  The Tri Delta House, 1611 College Ave., Norman, OK  73072.  Deadline is July 15. 


Ole Miss:  Their recruitment dates have changed.  They will now be August 29 – September 6.  They request references and letters of support, (no limit), be emailed to

Baylor: Please send RIF information to Baylor has requested the following items for each girl: resume, reference, pictures, and a transcipt.

The collegiate chapters seem to prefer the PDF fillable form (click the PDF button below) over the use of the prompted reference form on the Tri Delta site.  You can find both forms on the Tri Delta website.  Once you have logged into the site, you can click on the link:


WE NEED HELP, PLEASE!  We are looking for people to be college chapter liaisons for recruitment, or to help with the reference chair job.  If you can do this, or are interested in more information, you can contact Delaina Harrison.   


You can mail or drop off information at the address listed below, 8 Royal Waters, San Antonio, TX  78248, or put it in the mail.  There is a Tri Delta bin on my porch.  I am excited to be working with all of you toward a successful rush for our San Antonio girls. 


Please contact me for more information or with questions.  Thank you in advance for all your help!


Delaina Harrison

San Antonio Area Reference Chair


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