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Recruitment 2023-2024

College/University Recruitment Dates 2023

Auburn University:  August 6 - 14

University of Arkansas:  Aug 11 - Aug 19

University of Alabama:  August 12 – Aug 20

Texas Christian (TCU):  Aug 12 - Aug 20

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss):  Aug 13 - Aug 20

Texas A&M, College Station:  Aug 15 - Aug 26

University of Texas, Austin (UT):  Aug 15 - Aug 20

University of Oklahoma:  Aug 15 - Aug 20

Clemson:  August 16 – August 22

Texas Tech:  August 16 - August 22

College of Charleston:  August 17 – August 27

Baylor:  January 8 – January13

Southern Methodist (SMU):  TBA

**Reference Submission by June 30**
**PDF fillable form**

Specific Details by School:
Auburn University: PDF fillable form to

Arkansas:  Reference through, or PDF and mail to:
Caroline Malone, PO BOX 1872, Fayetteville, AR  72702, OR,
Caroline Malone, 12 West Dickson St #1827, Fayetteville,  
AR   72702


Alabama:  Reference through, or PDF emailed to 


Texas Christian (TCU):  Reference via PDF emailed to PREFERRED, 
or through  
Letters of support optional, 3 maximum.  


University of Mississippi (Ole Miss):  PREFERRED:  References 
handwritten mailed, or emailed to:  

DDD Ole Miss, Attn:  Reference Chair, PO BOX 607, Oxford, MS 38655,

or  Can also be completed through


Texas A&M, College Station:  PDF fillable reference form emailed to:;

or mailed to Reference Chair, 1503 Olympia Way, College Station, TX  77840  


University of Texas, Austin (UT):  References through Electronic only.  


University of Oklahoma:  References through or the fillable 
PDF for to:, or mailed to: Theta 
Gamma Chapter of Delta Delta Delta, 1611 College Ave., Norman, OK 

Clemson:  References through or fillable PDF form emailed to:, or mailed to Julee Kaplan, 133 Farmgate Rd, Pickins, SC  29671.


Texas Tech:  References by fillable PDF form emailed to:  One letter of support requested.  


College of Charleston:  References through or the PDF 
fillable form.  Email to Peyton Elder:; OR
TriDelta Alpha Nu Chapter, 97 Wentworth Annex, Charleston, SC


Baylor:  TBD



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